A perfect pastry with a morning coffee...

Sift Bakery Mystic Connecticut 2018

Sift Bakery Mystic Connecticut 2018

Driving into or through Mystic, requires a stop at Sift pastry shop. One of our all-time favorite businesses, we frequently stop in at their gorgeous shop in downtown Mystic. Chatting with the baristas, I can't help but fill a box with fresh-made pastries. Twice daily the bakers resupply the front of the shop with out-the-oven pastries. The team has a heavy hand in the creation of each menu item with guidance from Chef Adam, the owner.


The macaroons are our all-time favorite! We always stop in as we drive through to grab a few to munch on on the road. With flavors like rose water, and mimosa, who won't fall in love with the cute, delicious cookies. Sift's mini cakes are to die for. A perfect way to split a dessert after dinner or drinks, there's a variety of mini cakes available daily. Our favorite baked good are the croissants. A vast variety of flavors from raspberry chocolate to savory roasted vegetables and cheese, the croissants bring me right back to France. Soft flakey dough on the inside, with a golden crust, the croissants are baked fresh multiple times a day.

Opening in mid-April 2018, the Watch Hill location will be perfect for a post beach or dinner snack. We love the various lattes: Mexican chocolate, Early Grey, and more. After selling out of wedding spots for summer 2018 in early 2018 (don't quote me but I think it was January), it's clear Sift is a popular bakery in Mystic Connecticut. Make sure to swing by on your way to the beach for some of the baked goods or sandwiches for a picnic at the beach.