The Best Almost Free DIY Spa Day!

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to throw down $200+, heck a lot more than that, on a spa day at any of my local spas (Stoweflake, Topnotch, Stowe Mountain Lodge), but I just don’t have it in the budget every week to do. Whats great about going Au natural is that you’ll learn all about the stuff in your kitchen that you can use on your body! We’re going to take a minute and find ways that you too can enjoy a little cheapo self care easy DIY spa day.

Every day, I use honey as a face wash, with some Teraclay cream after. I love using crystallized honey as both a face scrub and a face mask. The texture of the crystallized raw honey works as an amazing exfoliator without being harsh but still removing dead skin that can clog up pores. Honey is a powerful anti-bacterial, full of antioxidants and soothing for irritated skin. Teraclay is a wonderfully light, moisturizing and natural face cream. I love the sample size while traveling, as I don't need much each day. First I took a glob of honey and rubbed it all over my face. I then turned on my favorite TV show (Chicago Fire, don't judge) and sat back in my bath. When the show was over, I rinsed my face and threw a thin layer of Teraclay on.

Sunflower seed oil and coconut oil are great for a hair mask, or a quick leave in moisturizer for your hair. I used both all over my body during pregnancy to calm my skin. Sunflower seed oil is rich in Vitamin E, which can regrow skin cells. An anti-oxidant that helps regrow tissue, Vitamin E can help stimulate hair growth. We took about a quarter cup of both sunflower seed oil and coconut oil, mixed the two and warmed them slightly by placing the container on the oven to warm (I had been baking a bread!). I rubbed the oil into my scalp and all throughout my hair covering each strand in oil. I let the oil sit in for 24 hours and washed it out with my normal Keratin botanical shampoo.

We love bath bombs for a feel good spa day. We found a few from various companies but also love making our own. Look for a blog post over the next week when we tackle our next wellness DIY project - bath bombs.